A direct understanding outside of scriptures, with no dependence on words or letters.  Pointing directly to the human mind, seeing into our own true nature and being awakened.

Boundless Mind Zen  


Boundless Mind Zen is the philosophy and practice of Zen based on the understanding that the core tenets and practices of Zen Buddhism are universal and not reliant on any specific national, ethnic or cultural practices. We recognize and honor all Zen lineages and traditions, and incorporate from them the styles, forms and practices that complement each other and truly epitomize the heart of Zen.


Boundless Mind Zen practice involves both mental and physical disciplines that promote a healthy holistic worldview and an understanding of the universal laws of cause and effect (karma). Zen involves letting go of preconceptions, dualistic thinking, religious abstractions, and symbolic delusions. The primary practices of Boundless Mind Zen include zazen (silent, seated meditation), mindfulness (fully responsive awareness) and personal development in both mental and physical disciplines that incorporate spirituality into everyday life.