Boundless Mind Zen Blog Sites     


Drifting Clouds and Flowing Water

Drifting Clouds and Flowing Water, is the online news source connecting the various Wayfarers and practice centers of the Boundless Mind Zen School.



The Dojin Roku

The Dojin Roku, translated into English as The Wayfarers Record, is a collection of thoughts, observations and shared teachings as presented by the Dojin, or Wayfarers, of the Boundless Mind Zen School. The purpose of this journal is to connect like minded individuals who understand their Zen practice to be a continuing journey beyond standardized Zen practices and independent of sectarian differences.



 The One-Mat Zendo


The One-Mat Zendo is a blog dedicated to the solitary or independent Zen practitioner. Those individuals who have either chosen the path of independent practice, or who may live too far removed (by time or space) to be actively or regularly connected to a Zen community or teacher.