Recommended Reading

Understanding Buddhism

Wisdom of the Buddha (The Unabridged Dhammapada), Translated by F. Max Muller

Buddhism Without Beliefs, by Stephen Batchelor

One Dharma, By Joseph Goldstein 

Buddhism Is Not What You Think, by Steve Hagen

The New Buddhism , by David Brazier


Understanding Zen

The Spirit of Zen,  By  Alan Watts

Zen Reflections,  By Robert Allen

Trying to be Human, By Cheri Huber

Everyday Zen,  By Charlotte Joko Beck

Zen Questions,  By Robert Allen

The Way of Zen,  By  Alan Watts

Zen Mind, Beginners Mind,  By Shunryu Suzuki

Buddhism and Zen, by Nyogen Senzaki & Ruth Strout McCandless


Zen Practice

Principles of Zen, by Martine Batchelor

Grassroots Zen, By Manfred B. Steger & Perle Besserman

Meditation Without Guru's (a guide to the heart of practice), By Clark Strand


Historical Zen Masters

Instant Zen. Waking up in the present, Translated by Thomas Cleary

Crazy Clouds Zen Radicals, Rebels& Reformers,  By Perle Besserman & Manfred B. Steger 

Zen Masters A Maverick, a Master of Masters and a Wandering Poet,  By John Stevens 

The Zen Teaching of Master Lin-Chi, Translated by Burton Watson

Zen Essence. The Science of Freedom, Translated by Thomas Cleary

A Man of Zen. Recorded sayings of Layman P'ang,

Translated by Ruth Fuller Sasaki, Yoshitaka Iriya & Dana R. Fraser

Zen Teaching of Bodhidharma, Translated by Red Pine

Bankei Zen,  Translated by Peter Haskel

Unfettered Mind, By Takuan Soho

Zen Teaching of Huang Po on the Transmission of Mind,  Translated by John Blofeld

Sutra of Hui-neng, Grandmaster of Zen, With commentary on the Diamond Sutra Translated by Thomas Cleary

Teachings of Zen, Translated by Thomas Cleary

Dream Conversations on Buddhism and Zen,  By Muso Kokushi  

Five Houses of Zen, Translated by Thomas Cleary

Zen Doctrine of No-mind, (Hui-neng),  D.T. Suzuki

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